4 Best Washing Machines in India – December 2020 (Expert Reviews)

With so many washing machines in the Indian market, choosing the perfect one for your washing needs has become tough. That’s why 3 washing machine experts from the homosuugest team have done thorough research for around 2 months, tested many models from the front load and top load categories, different brands, their services, and quality of service in different cities.

If you are here, you surely are looking for buying advice on which washing machine to get. But why should you trust us more than the salesperson in the nearby store? Well, the team who did research on this guide has more than 3 years of experience in the washing machine industry and knows the appliance inside out.

Best Washing Machines in India (2020)

Washing machines have become ubiquitous in every household these days. With clothes becoming pricier and more valuable, the washing technique also needs to be adjusted accordingly, to ensure proper care and durability.

As the washing machine industry is expected to reach a whopping 4.23 billion USD, there is a whirlwind of information and brands out there. Read on, as we dispel your doubts and enlighten you on the latest developments!

1. Best Overall: Samsung 6.5 kg (WW65M206L0W/TL)

This front loader Samsung 6.5 kg washing machine comes in a white body with a chrome door, with a capacity of 6.5 kg. It is guaranteed to work for a long time, for 20 years. The motor is connected to the drum directly without the use of a belt, resulting in less energy dissipation.

Equipped with the famed ceramic heaters, this model results in energy savings and gives you more bang for your buck. It has a giant capacity, fit for a family to use. It does not emit noise or any vibrations. It also is powered by the diamond drum, which takes the best, most gentle care of your clothes. The diamond-shaped depressions prevent clothes from damage.

It also has a technology called “Silver wash,” which gets rid of all kinds of germs and bacteria. The Volt control technology ensures that you no longer have to worry about fluctuations, as it protects deviations up to 25%.

The washing machine comes with a child lock for added safety. For the specs it offers, the machine is not super expensive, which is a great bonus. The inverter technology saves energy and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Generally, this can be considered a great buy, owing to its specs and price point. The quick wash feature that washes the clothes in just 15 minutes is great for busy individuals who still want the better cleaning offered by a front loader.

One great practical advantage of this machine is that when the power comes back after a power cut, the machine starts right where it stopped. This saves wash cycle time and water.

While installation is fairly easy and can be done by yourself, it is better to avail the services of an authorized person from the brand, to gain additional information.

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  • Inverter motor saves energy and comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Noise-free
  • Has a good capacity for family use
  • Comes in a sleek design with LED panel


  • It does not have a hard water filter, which can be an issue in India
  • There are models with better RPM


2. Best Runner Up: IFB 6.5 kg (TL-RCW Aqua)

This machine has the Triadic Pulsator cleaning engine, which uses soft scrub pads to remove stubborn dirt and powerful swirl jets that dislodge the dirt from the fabric. It also has a mechanical center punch action, which pushes the dirt out of the clothes.

The main focus of IFB (TL-RCW Aqua) is the water used for the wash. The Aqua energy feature energizes the water to dissolve the detergent, and the 3D wash system is a dynamic water system that soaks the clothes thoroughly before the wash cycle begins. IFB calls this “Aqua Spa therapy” a spa for your clothes!

It has a special feature to dry the tub after the wash. This ensures the longevity of your washing machine. The model is also packed with voltage protection, which means that when fluctuations occur, the machine stops, and resumes when conditions are stable.

This model also has an “express wash” feature, for those clothes that are smaller, and are not very dirty, like workout clothes. Coming to the drum, it has crescent moon grooves on the surface to create a water cushion, thereby preventing damage to fabrics. There is also a dedicated compartment to add softener to your clothes.

The best part about the performance is the machine’s ability to provide good cleaning in hard water, making it very suitable for India. It can work with water pressure as low as 0.3 bar. And the auto imbalance system works great, ensuring that the machine does not go out of balance, even if the load is not put in properly.

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  • Designed for India perfectly, it has great performance with hard water and low water pressure
  • The voltage protection ensures that the machine does not get damaged
  • Has memory backup
  • Is extremely lightweight


  • RPM is incredibly low, which means that the clothes take longer to dry
  • Since it is top load, it does consume more water than a front loader


3. Best Front Loading Machine: Bosch 6 kg (WAB16060IN)

The Bosch (WAB16060IN) comes with an array of features, the essential being “Active water.” It senses the load and automatically adjusts the water level. This reduces both water and energy consumption.

The allergy plus program gives you hygienic and allergy free clothes. The machine also has a memory backup, which means that it resumes from the last wash cycle when there is a power cut.

The drum clean feature removes lint and toxic residue, keeping the interior clean at all times. This ensures low maintenance and longer machine life. This machine also works at a low water pressure of 0.3 bars.

The machine also gives your clothes a good pre-wash soak, resulting in better wash quality. It comes with a water filter that can be fitted in a variety of taps.

This machine is surprisingly quite inexpensive, considering the build quality and brand name. It ensures that your wash is 65% quicker than usual, which is a great bonus.

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  • Quicker wash cycle
  • Low noise and vibrations
  • Comes with a childproof lock
  • Saves water and works in low water pressure


  • Low RPM, which results in longer drying time
  • Service could be an issue


4. Best Top Loading Machine: Whirlpool 6.5 Kg White Magic

This machine comes equipped with an Agipeller, with 3D scrub pads to knock off even the most stubborn dirt. With an emphasis on white clothes, Whirlpool White Magic amplifies its cleaning quality. The express wash function gives up to 50% faster wash for every washing program.

Hard water software makes sure the machine can undertake washing in hard water, amounting to almost 20% better cleaning, which is very suitable for Indian conditions.

The ZPF technology fills the tub 50% fast, even at low pressure (lowest being 0.017 bars). The machine also comes with smart sensors to alert when there are voltage fluctuation and a smart detergent recommendation that senses the load and recommends appropriate detergent dosage.

The dynamic technology ensures that detergent mixes with the water properly. This top-loader comes with 12 wash programs and is affordable and easy to use, and comes with a spa wash system that ensures minimal tangling of clothes.

[joomdev-wpc-pros-cons disable_title=”yes” wpc_style=”wppc-view2″ title_tag=”H3″ title=”Title Here” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” button_text=”Get it now” disable_button=”no” button_link=”https://www.amazon.in/Whirlpool-6-5-Fully-Automatic-Whitemagic-Premier/dp/B01GE5SJOI” button_link_target=”_BLANK” button_rel_attr=”nofollow” verdict_text=””][joomdev-wpc-pros]

  • Works well in Hard water
  • Consumes lesser water
  • Gives a good scrubbing to remove dirt


  • Low RPM when compared to front loaders
  • A pulsator would reduce tangling better


Frequently Asked Questions

What is better: front load or top load?

Bosch has some of the best front load and top load machines out there. Their washing machines save water and are very energy efficient. One saves a significant amount on electricity bills while using these machines.

How to prevent tangling of clothes in the washing machine?

To prevent tangling of clothes in the washing machine, one should make sure that they are not mixing heavy clothes with light clothes. Putting too many clothes in the washing machine also causes tangling, so that should be avoided as well.

Which is better: Detergent powder or liquid detergent?

Both powder-based detergents and liquid detergents have their own uses. Liquid detergents are useful and more efficient at getting greasy stains out, while powder-based detergents work well with mud-based stains. None is better than the others and are both good.

How much electricity does a washing machine consume?

There is not a set rule on the energy consumption of a washing machine. Many machines with 5-star energy efficiency consume less energy than those washing machines that have 2 or 3 stars. However, one can say that most washing machines consume energy from 400 to 1300 watts per load.

What are the disadvantages of a front loading machine?

Some of the main disadvantages of a front loading washing machine are that they are more expensive and hard to maintain than front load machines. They are also prone to vibrations and cause more noise. It is also seen that front-load machines leave creases on clothes.

What are the signs that indicate that you need a new washing machine?

Some of the signs that indicate that you need a new washing machine are that leaking water, too many vibrations while the machine is running, when the machine makes too much noise, and when the machine gets overheated. Additionally, if your washer is more than 8 years old, then it should be replaced.

What is the average life of a washing machine?

The average life of a washing machine is considered to be 11 years. However, after 8 years, the washer should be changed for safety reasons. One should not maintain a washing machine after 11 years unless they put it under major repairs.

What is the average laundry in a washing machine?

There are different laundry options for different kinds of washing machines, but for a usual laundry day, one load of laundry on normal settings takes about half an hour. At maximum, a normal laundry takes 40 minutes.

The Verdict

Now that we have educated ourselves about every possible aspect of washing machines, it is time to make a choice, that will make our lives easier, and ticks all the boxes off our list.

If we were to buy, we would go for the Bosch WAB16060IN. Despite the shortcomings in the RPM and the massive weight of the machine, it offers the best specs at a great price point. The energy and water consumption features will save both time and money, and the ability to work in hard water makes it the best choice for a place like India.

It is also front-loading, making it gentler with clothes than a top loader. If you live in a place with water scarcity or hard water issues, it is worth investing in this machine.

LG P9037R3SM (8 kg) is the best choice if you want a bare-essential washing machine, that does a no-frills job for you. It is in the under 15K price point, making it extremely inexpensive. While it does not have energy consumption features or the like, it provides shorter wash cycles that would entice the busy individual. A downside could be that it offers rougher washes.

We also recommend the LG 8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Load Washing Machine, if you are looking for a fancy machine, that is also accessible and affordable. It offers great features at a competitive price point and brings new age innovations to everyone.

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